Wednesday, 24 August 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Torn by Cynthia Eden

Published by Avon on May 31st 2016 
Pages: 384 


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Release Blast: With Every Breath Slow Burn #4 by Maya Banks

A mesmerizingly sexy tale of a strong, brilliant woman who
 encounters the one man who makes her lose all control.

Slow Burn #4
Maya Banks
Releasing Aug 23rd, 2016

Monday, 22 August 2016

Release Blast: Bedded Bliss Found in Oblivion #1 By: Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

A hot night in Vegas is just what the rockstar ordered... 
until someone ends up married.

Found in Oblivion #1
Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott
Releasing Aug 22nd, 2016
Rainbow Rage Publishing

INTERVIEW with ANN GIRDHARRY Author of Good Girl, Bad Girl

Ann Girdharry

Nadene: I am excited to have
Ann Girdharry, the author of Good Girl, Bad Girl here on Totally Addicted to Reading for an interview! Thank you so much, Ann, for visiting Totally Addicted to Reading! I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions.

Ann: Hi, and thanks for inviting me!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Thursday, 18 August 2016

BOOK REVIEW: Haunted by the King of Death

Haunted by the King of Death (Eternal Mates,  #11)

Title: Haunted by the King of Death 
Author: Felicity Heaton 
Series: Eternal Mates #11 
Publisher: Felicity Heaton
Published : July 30, 2016 
Genres: Paranormal Romance 
Pages: 277 
Format: eARC 
Source: Author 

REVIEW TOUR: Jonquils for Jax by Katy Regnery

Jonquils for Jax, The Rousseaus #1 by Katy Regnery

Date of Publication: August 5, 2016

Saturday, 13 August 2016

SPOTLIGHT" Vision In Faith by Liz Bower

Title: Vision in Faith
Author: Liz Bower
Genre: Romantic Fantasy 
Release Date: August 7, 2016
Series: Legends of the North series, Book 3
Cover Designer: Premade Ebook Cover Shop
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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Life Sentence by Carolyn Arnold - 3 year Publiversary

Title: Life Sentence
Author: Carolyn Arnold
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Hibbert & Stiles Publishing Inc.
Series: Detective Madison Knight Series, Prequel
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PROMOTIONAL TOUR: Spring Fling Kitty by Rachelle Ayala

Heartbreaker Connor Hart, one of the youngest fire chiefs in the country, is planning on marrying Dr. Elaine Woo, a woman who pretended to cheat on him with his best friend many years ago. She bought him a Dalmatian puppy, he gave her a ring—and the women of San Francisco are about to lose their most eligible bachelor.

Artist and poet Nadine Woo is down on her luck. The cast-off half-sister of Dr. Elaine Woo, she doesn’t measure up, according to her strict and distant father. When Nadine and her mother are about to be evicted from their apartment, she gets an interesting offer from her sister. Seems she’s in need of a little help concerning her relationship with Fire Chief Connor Hart.

As soon as Nadine meets Connor, she knows she’s in for a rough ride. Connor is the fireman who rescued her and her little gray kitten, and she’s never forgotten how safe she felt in his arms.

When Nadine takes her sister’s place at a spring fling weekend with Connor, love ignites, and there’s no going back.

Can a spunky little kitty show Connor and Nadine that doing the wrong thing is sometimes right, especially when it comes to love?

Spring Fling Kitty is Book #3 of the Have A Hart Romance Series. It can be read standalone, although characters from the previous books appear here in supporting roles.
Have a Hart Romance Series 
Christmas Lovebirds, Book #1 
Valentine Hound Dog, Book #2 
Spring Fling Kitty, Book #3

Available to buy from...

"Beautiful romance with a touch of suspense, great combination!” - Amazon review

"A beautiful, heartfelt story. Love saw. Love came. Love conquered. I truly recommended everyone to read this book."  Amazon review

About heroine Nadine Woo - "A free spirit is a gift in my eyes. It's what makes her beautiful. It's what makes Connor love her. It's what brings life to this story." - Corissa Palfrey

About the author
Rachelle Ayala is a bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Her foremost goal is to take readers on a shared emotional journey with her characters as they grow and become more true to themselves. Rachelle believes in the power of love to overcome obstacles and feels that everyone should find love as often as possible, especially if it's within the pages of a book. Her book, Knowing Vera, won the 2015 Angie Ovation Award, and A Father for Christmas garnered a 2015 Readers' Favorite Gold Award.

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REVIEW TOUR: Seaside lovers by Melissa Foster


Voted Beck Valley Books Reviewers Favorite Mini Series from the Love in Bloom Series in 2014

Featuring a group of fun, sexy, and emotional friends who gather each summer at their Cape Cod cottages. They're funny, flawed, and will have you begging to enter their circle of friends. You met them in READ, WRITE, LOVE, (The Remingtons, Book 5), follow these friends on their search for forever love in the Seaside Summers series.


After months of long-distance communication, actress Parker Collins and artist Grayson Lacroux finally plan to reconnect in the seaside town of Wellfleet, Massachusetts. But Parker never shows, and weeks pass without a word, leaving Grayson to believe he's misinterpreted their budding relationship.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


 Titles: Unintentional: North American Edition & International Edition
Genre: Friends-to-Lovers Contemporary Romance
Cover Designer: RMGraphx
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
* * *

Monday, 8 August 2016

Book Tour with Giveaway: His Secret Life by Kim Cano

Gay men don’t fall in love with women. Do they?

Philip is a gay man working for a conservative corporation. After his recent promotion, he needs a date for a company function and asks his sister’s new roommate, Emily.

Emily is an actress, waiting tables while starring in local plays and hoping for her big break. She agrees to be Philip’s date for the party, and soon they are attending one event after another together.

Philip and Emily click on many levels. Lines blur as the people they pretend to be start feeling like the people they are, causing a rift with Philip’s boyfriend Jason.

When Philip no longer works for the company, he doesn’t need Emily to play the role of his girlfriend anymore, but to his surprise, he can’t let her go.

Available to buy from....
Amazon Kindle    Amazon Paperback

"A powerful story that reveals the complexity of the human heart." ~ NYT Bestselling author Russell Blake 

 "His Secret Life proves love defies labels. It can transcend age, race, and gender." ~ Amazon Bestselling author Deborah Brown 

 "An unconventional romance. Our book club enjoyed discussing their complicated relationship." ~ reader J. Nelson

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive.”
This quote was fitting for this story.

‘His Secret Life’ by Kim Cano is a thought provoking story about finding love in the most unexpected place.  It touches on the very sensitive topic of homosexuality. It is not your typical love story. It highlights the struggles, discrimination, and temptations that homosexuals face on a day to day basis.

This is a story about a young and upcoming professional whose main focus is establishing his career as an investment advisor. Phillip knows without a doubt that he is gay, however, he not comfortable letting others know about his sexual orientation, as he is afraid of the backlash that is likely to occur as a result of persons knowing.   Added to this, he is a disappointment to his father because he is gay and as such their relationship is on rocky ground.  Phillip deceived his employer, coworkers, and clients into believing that he was heterosexual, which did not go down too well with his current boyfriend. He carried out this deception by hiring call girls to act as his date for major black tie events hosted by his employer. When an unexpected event came up and he found himself without a date, his sister’s roommate Emily agreed to help him out.  What follows is a series of intriguing events.

The story, which was well written, was based on characters that were well developed and relatable.  Phillip had difficulty reconciling his feelings for Emily with that of his attraction to men.  How could he be gay and be in love with a woman? Is that even remotely possible? It was these issues that he had to face. His greatest fear in all of this was losing Emily. Added to that he had to deal with the issue of deceiving his employer which had far-reaching consequences. Emily had her own struggles to contend with. Falling in love with a homosexual for one and there was the fear that he may feel that he made a mistake and leave her for another man.  She feels she has to go the extra mile to keep him interested in her.

‘His Secret Life’ demonstrates what can happen when we pretend to be what we are not.  Phillip was not honest with his colleagues and it backfired. He was of the belief that they would not have treated him with respect, but there is no way he would have known that for sure. The story further shows that honesty goes a long way.

Another thing that this story highlighted was the power of love.  Phillip is gay, but he never met a man who made him feel the way Emily did. What he felt for her went deeper than mere attraction.  They connected on so many levels. In all honesty, I thought they were perfect for each other and at every page turn, I was hoping that he would not go back on his promise to her.

I loved everything about this book except for the ending, which I thought was quite abrupt.  It makes me wonder if there will be a part two. It is evident what his secret was but I would have loved to know if his love for Emily was strong enough for him to keep up the fa├žade or did he give in to the temptations facing him every day.

This is my first time reading this author’s work and it was worth every moment. I can’t wait to see what next she has in store for her readers.

About the Author
Kim Cano is the author of four women's fiction novels: A Widow Redefined, On The Inside, Eighty and Out, and His Secret Life. Kim has also written a short story collection called For Animal Lovers. 10% of the sale price of that book is donated to the ASPCA® to help homeless pets.

Visit Kim's website and get a FREE copy of The Rescue. A novelette about a dog that cheated death and transformed a woman's life:

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