Tuesday, January 28, 2014


AUTHOR: Krystal Shannan
AUTHOR'S WEBSITE: Krystal Shannan
DATE PUBLISHED: January 24, 2014


It’s just a gameright? 

Olivia Hampton never thought she’d run into the guy of her dreams at a Gaming Convention, but when Harvey MacLaughlin introduces himself a woman can’t help but notice. He’s six and a half feet of tall-dark-and-yummy. Plus, he's a gamer too. But, how do you tell the man of your dreams you decimate him at Soldier’s Call, the most popular FPS game of the year, almost every night? 

Harvey MacLaughlin was interested in Olivia the second she stepped on the plane. When he sees her again in the convention hotel, introducing himself becomes priority number one. He may have started out just looking for company, but what he finds in the beautiful Olivia Hampton may be more than he ever dreamed. 

Will a secret between them ruin their budding relationship? Or will Harvey take another path and turn the game on her? 


Harvey is the third book in the MacLaughlin family series. This book is about two complete strangers and how their love for gaming brought them together.

Olivia Hampton is a traffic reporter but what he fans and colleagues did not know was that she is a gamer at heart. She had been invited to the gaming convention in L.A which is a dream come true. Harvey MacLaughlin is also a gamer at heart and was also was invited to the gaming convention. For these two gaming was a means of relaxation. 

From the moment their paths crossed it was clear that these two were meant for each other. The attraction between them was instantaneous and it was quite clear that they were great together. They fitted each other like a perfectly fit glove.

The story was easy to follow and the characters were quite adorable. The love scenes are quite hot and sizzling and nothing was left to the imagination. 

Ms. Shannan is very adept at writing novellas. She knows just the right amount of details to include without the story appearing rushed. The entire story came together so well.

This was not my favourite of the three stories in the series; however it was still a great read. I would recommend this title for mature audiences who love short, sweet and spicy reads.

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