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Lyv is a curvy and optimistic girl who can’t wait to finish high school and run away from her drunk mother. 
Emotional abuse is what that woman dishes out best in the family’s Long Island diner. 
Lyv’s only support is her best friend Ten, a passionate guy from the right side of the track. But Ten has already moved on to college so there’s only so much he can do to help her get through her senior year and then he’ll soon be going away to study in Europe for a term. 

When the Christmas holidays come around, Ten takes Lyv out for a night on the town. 
That’s how Lyv meets Alexander, a talented rising rock star. Spark flies during this chance encounter. 
Just before the start of his first tour, Alexander shows Lyv how to welcome the New Year with a hot and heavy night of passion. 
Life is finally looking up for Lyv … That is, until she finds out she’s pregnant. 
With the two guys in her life out of reach, a baby on the way and an abusive mother, Lyv has some tough calls to make. Can she make the right ones?

When it came time for me to write this review I was not sure what to write. I just could not get my thoughts to sound right in the written word and I agonized over this for sometime. You may think that I was having problems because the story was bad, but this was not the case. I think it was just a case of believing that I could not write a review that would be able to this book justice. Well I eventually got over my angst and wrote my review. Here are my thoughts on Ripped by Olivia Rigal. 

In Ripped we meet Lyv a high school student whose life was not abounding in love. Her mother is verbally and emotional abusive and her father is weak and could stand up to his wife’s mean attitude. There is definitely no love between Lyv and her parents. At first I was a bit taken a back when Lyv referred to her mother as the bitch but as the story progressed it became clear that she is quite deserving of that name. Lyv’s mother made her feel like she was less of a person. It was this feeling of inadequacy that led to her forging a bond with Terrence Charles Clarke (Ten). Lyv’s friendship with Ten was what helped her to keep sane. I believe that because Ten was able to relate to what Lyv was going through helped to cement their friendship.  

One day while Ten and Lyv were at a concert she met Alexander. They hit it off instantly and eventually a relationship was forged between them. 

I thought Lyv was strong in light of all that she has endured; however there were moments that she made me want to hit her over the head. I just could not believe she would make the same mistake twice. I was able to relate to Lyv’s character and I could feel all the hurt that she has endured. 

I found Ten to be compassionate and supportive especially where Lyv is concerned. Initially I had liked Alexander but as the story progresses I saw him as being immature and selfish. 

Ripped by Olivia Rigal is a beautiful story of unconditional love. This is my first encounter with the author so I was not sure what to expect, however based on the blurb I figured that this would be a story worth every waking moment spent reading it and boy was I right in my assumptions. From the very first page I realize that Ripped was going to be a riveting read. I was pulled into the story and I could not wait to see what was coming next. While reading I experienced an array of emotions as there were moments of anger, sorrow and joy. 

I can’t go into much detail without giving away too much of the story so you will just have to get yourself a copy to find out all that has happened. The most I can say is that if you enjoy stories that will inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry then Ripped is the book for you. 

I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am eagerly awaiting the next book in the series. 


 I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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