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Highland Guard
Murray Family # 20
By: Hannah Howell
Releasing March 3rd, 2015

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell brings back the daring Murray family in a brand-new tale of dangerous love rekindled. . .

Lady Annys MacQueen has no other choice. The deception that enabled her to keep her lands safe is on the verge of being revealed by a cruel kinsman. To shield her young son from the sword and her people from devastation, she must turn to the one man she could never forget. . .

He lives for duty and honor. So the only way Sir Harcourt Murray could repay the laird who saved his life was to agree to father a child with Sir MacQueen's wife. . .Lady Annys. Now the passion he still feels for the lovely strong-willed widow is as all-consuming and perilous as securing her lands. But to convince her that his love is forever real means confronting her most wrenching fears--and putting everything they treasure most at stake. .

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Author Info
Hannah D. Howell is a highly regarded and prolific romance writer. Since Amber Flame, her first historical romance, was released in February 1988, she has published 25 novels and short stories, with more on the way. Her writing has been repeatedly recognized for its excellence and has "made Waldenbooks Romance Bestseller list a time or two" as well as was nominated twice by Romantic Times for Best Medieval Romance (Promised Passion and Elfking's Lady). She has also won Romantic Times' Best British Isles Historical Romance for Beauty and the Beast; and, in 1991-92 she received Romantic Times' Career Achievement Award for Historical Storyteller of the Year.
Hannah was born and raised in Massachusetts (the maternal side of her family has been there since the 1630's). She has been married to her husband Stephen for 28 years, who she met in England while visiting relatives, and decided to import him. They have two sons Samuel, 27, and Keir, 24. She is addicted to crocheting, reads and plays piano, attempts to garden, and collects things like dolls, faerie and cat figurines, and music boxes. She also seems to collect cats, as she now has four of them, Clousseau, Banshee, Spooky, and Oliver Cromwell.

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Annys nodded and then politely excused herself. It was early to turn in for the night but she needed some time alone. Seeing Sir Harcourt again, realizing he could still stir a fire in her blood, and discovering that someone could have murdered David was all she could bear for now. She needed time to just be alone, to think about it all, and sort through her confused emotions.
It was not until she entered her bedchamber that she realized Joan had followed her. Annys told herself she had no reason to be surprised by that. The woman did act as her maid after all. Yet she had taken no notice of Joan falling into step behind her. She said nothing as Joan helped her prepare for bed. Sitting still before a fire while Joan brushed out her hair worked to ease a lot of the knots in her belly, however, and Annys was soon glad the woman had followed her.
Dinnae let it prey on you, m’lady,” Joan said as she sat down beside Annys.
“I dinnae want it to but I am nay sure I can stop it.” Annys stood and moved to her bed, sitting on the edge so that Joan could lightly braid her hair for the night. “So much has happened today. Mayhap it is just that I am unaccustomed to so many disturbances in my life.”
Joan laughed softly. “Weel, six verra handsome men coming in answer to your request for aid is certainly disturbing. It would be to any lass with blood in her veins.”
“True and it will be verra hard to keep the maids in hand while they are here.” She looked at Joan.
“But ye ken why I find one of them more disturbing than all the others, aye?”
“He is as handsome as he was all those years ago.”
“And looks so verra much like Benet.”
“Only if ye ken to look for it.” She patted Annys’s arm when she saw the woman’s look of doubt. “Truly. Our laird had black hair and brown eyes. And ye have that touch of gold in your eyes. Any other features that may match Sir Harcourt’s willnae show for many a year yet. But, in truth, there is a strong similarity betwixt him and our poor laird. The mon is just bigger, stronger, than Sir David e’er was.”
“Are ye just saying such things to ease my worries?”
“Nay. ’Tis the truth. Only if ye ken what we do can ye look and see it. If ye dinnae ken that he bred the lad, weel, then it isnae so clear to see.”
Annys sighed in relief. “Good. That is a trouble I dinnae need.”
“Nay, ye have enough to deal with now. I think ye should write to Sir Adam’s sire and tell him what that fool son of his is doing.”
When Joan stood up, Annys settled herself in her bed as she thought over that suggestion. “And how
can I be certain his father isnae the one prodding him to do this?”
Ye will ken it by what the mon says in reply.”
“Ah, there is that. It cannae make matters any worse, I suspect. I will think on what to say. Sleep weel, Joan. I forsee a verra busy time ahead for us.”
“If only because we have six big knights to feed and tend to.”
Annys laughed softly and made herself more comfortable in her bed as Joan left. She thought on Sir
Callum’s suggestion that poison may have caused her husband’s death, unable to banish the thought as she wished to. Having spent so many years at Glencullaich she found it hard to believe that anyone would hurt David. She did not even understand why Sir Adam would have done such a thing for it was not enough to place Glencullaich in his hands. There was still Benet standing between him and the laird’s seat.
That thought chilled her to the bone. If she accepted, or even proved, that David had been murdered, then her child was in terrible danger. If Sir Adam could get to David then he could get to Benet. He could claim his hands were clean if accused of poisoning David for he had not actually done the deed. All he needed was a way to be able to claim the same thing when he struck at Benet.
Her growing fear for her child made it impossible to sleep. Annys got up and pulled on a robe. She moved into the small room where there was a door that let her go up on the battlements. A pang of grief went through her as she opened the door and heard the soft bell ring. David had been so pleased when he had arranged that warning to the men on the walls. It had allowed them some privacy if they chose to go outside at night. She had never appreciated it more than she did now.
Climbing the narrow stone stairs, Annys fought to calm her fears. She could find reasons for someone to betray them all by helping Adam rid Glencullaich of its laird. Yet, try as she would, she could find none for anyone helping him murder a small child. She simply could not believe any of the people she knew would be capable of such a heinous crime. If she did not convince herself to accept that possibility, however, she would be putting her son’s life in danger.
Resting her arms on top of the wall, Annys looked out over the moonlit lands of Glencullaich. She had no trouble at all in understanding Sir Adam’s greed for the place. It was too far from the border to suffer from raids, and too out of the way of the roads to the cities or the king’s court to have to worry overmuch about an enemy force sweeping through. It was good land and well watered. A man would not have to work hard to have a very comfortable life here, a rare thing in Scotland. David had even managed to keep them out of any local feuds.
Sir Adam MacQueen was not a man to appreciate such things, however, she decided. He would settle into Glencullaich and immediately want more. He was also of a temperament to tangle the clan up in feuds with the neighboring clans. Yet, she could think of no way to get him to end his quest to gain hold of the lands.
“Weel, I could just kill the fool,” she muttered.
“Kill who?” asked a deep voice from right behind her.
Annys squeaked in alarm and looked behind her. She was relieved to see that it was Harcourt but also annoyed that he had frightened her. The way he looked at her as she stood there in her nightclothes wept both feelings aside, leaving her struggling to crush the warmth of welcome and womanly interest.
“Who do ye think ye should just kill?” he asked again as he stepped up beside her.
“Sir Adam.” She looked back out over the land. “I dinnae think he will e’er stop trying to get his hands on Glencullaich.”
“Nay,” agreed Harcourt. “He willnae. ’Tis good land.” He patted the wall. “With a good strong keep.
And that has ye worried?”
“If your friend is right, then he has already killed David. The only one left standing between him and this land is Benet, a little boy. My son. Aye, I am worried.”
“Good.” He smiled at the way she frowned at him. “Then ye will be keeping a verra close watch on the lad and all who draw near him. I ken ye do now, just as any mother does, but ye have always trusted everyone in this keep, probably everyone in the clan.”
“Aye, I do.” She sighed. “Did.” She shook her head. “I try to deny that my husband was murdered with poison yet it answers too many questions about the strange illness that took his life. I have seen most illnesses a mon can get and I had ne’er seen one quite like that. The learned men we brought in to help were uncertain as weel, although they did their best to hide that. I e’en ken most of the things that can poison one and what happens but ne’er that. The way it can be slipped into food or drink by an unseen hand is the most frightening. How does one fight that?”
 “Weel, some kings have someone taste their food first.”
Annys smiled. “Benet may nay like that. But it does give me something to think about. Mayhap his meals should be prepared only by one I completely trust until the threat to him has passed.”
“And who would that be?”
“Of course.”
Harcourt was finding it difficult not to touch her, to reach out and stroke the thick braid of hair hanging down her back, touch her soft cheek, or even just hold her small hand in his. He wanted her but knew it could be something that would only add to the troubles she now carried. The whole keep would know as soon as they became lovers. Even if that did not make everyone look more closely at Benet, it could weaken her position as lady of the keep, as the one acting in the stead of the laird.
“Why did I hear a bell?” he asked, trying desperately to get his mind off how sweet she smelled and how badly he wanted to pull her into his arms.
“Ah, David fixed that. I have always liked to come out here if I am too restless to sleep. He wanted me to be comfortable in doing so nay matter what I was clothed in.” She blushed as she ran a hand down the side of her robe. “Some nights he would join me and we found it helped us sort out some problem to stand here looking at the stars and talking quietly. He wanted no one to interrupt those moments, either. So the men move away from this small part of the wall when they hear the bell.”
 “Clever. And have ye been able to sort out the problem that brought ye here tonight?”
“Aye. I must accept that someone in this keep helped kill my husband and may be convinced to try and kill my son.” The moment she said those words she knew she had finally accepted that chilling truth and nodded. “I ken it now and so now I will work to keep Benet safe and find out who betrayed us all.”
She looked at him standing so close to her that she could feel his warmth. He awoke something inside her that had been sleeping since he had walked away a little over five years ago. Annys was not sure what she should do about that. A part of her insidiously whispered that she should take what she wanted but the practical side of her hesitated, mulled over how complicated that would make her life, and reminded her of how her heart had broken when he had just walked away. It was just another thing she had to think about.
But not tonight, she told herself. Not when he was standing so close her hands itched to reach out and touch him. Not with the night sky bathing them in a soft welcoming light that had her memories of their time together rushing to the fore of her mind. None of those things made a rational, practical decision possible.
“I had best get inside,” she said even as she started to move away from him. “It has been a verra long day and it appears there will be many more to come. Adam will make certain of it. Sleep well, Sir Harcourt.”

“And you, m’lady,” he replied and watched her until she went back into the keep.

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Release Day Blitz : Accepting Cherry by Chrissy Snyder

Twirl me around and watch me spin, a modern day princess lives within…

Charisa has a perfect life. Just like her favored Princesses, she is living the life every girl dreams of: her very own fairytale, but even the sweetest fairytales must come to an end. When happiness is at its peak, fate steps in and one by one she loses everything.

Picking up the pieces to a broken life can be long and bumpy. Most often than not things get worse before they get better.

Despite her despair and the hell she’s been drug through time and time again, she finds love and begins to plan a future as none other than Mrs. Prince Charming. Convinced she’s going to finally get her happily ever after fate steps in once again and she suffers betrayal and shame at the greatest degree.

Will she give the idea of love a second chance and find her one and only or will her dark secrets prevent her from truly finding herself?


Behind every prince is a story left untold. 
Look behind the mask and you’ll see it unfold…

Sawyer has lived a charmed life. He’s the catch every girl is after when dreaming of her very own storybook ending. In real life, though, nothing is like it is in a fairytale. One childhood event can forever affect how a man looks at love and relationships, even a golden guy like Sawyer. 

Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Isn’t that what everyone has always taught in history class? He doesn’t have time for love or commitment.
Even the most skeptical with love can sometimes find it in the strangest of places, when that one special someone catches his eye, suddenly leaving him dazed and confused.

The only way to reap the benefits of true love is to put your own demons behind and give love a shot…

When secrets start to arise will the two beat the odds or part ways and let it destroy them both?

             Tonight is a big night. I’ve taken my time to ensure that I look good.  I stare in the mirror as I admire the new lingerie I have to wear tonight.  I used my uniform allowance to get this sexy getup.  Roger expects us to always be fresh, never wearing the same outfit within a month rotation because of the regulars. There are no lower class sleezeballs here.  This is where the big dogs come out and play.  This is the most private club in town.  If you knew who some of our highest paying customers were you would know why. 

I have a birthday party that’s reserved the front table of the stage tonight, a group of ten men, all drunk off their asses already I’m sure.  I could tell when I peeked out the door as they arrived that a few of them are newbies by their drooling, excited demeanor.  This is what makes my job interesting and fun:  breaking them in.  A man gets a good first time and they’ll be coming back for more, meaning more cash for me.  I place my tall heel into the seat of my chair and rub baby oil down my leg, giving me a sexy edge.  Plus, it keeps the hands from going past the point of restriction. 
            I finish the other leg and take one final look in the mirror.  It’s a sexy version of a clown; a white baby doll trimmed in all of the bright colors. The birthday hat and the sexy makeup top it off.  My ruffle front thong is orange and it is the final dessert of the hour.  I paint my lips with a matching cherry-red lipstick like my name and smack them in the mirror.
            “Cherry, you’re up in ten.  Don’t keep them waiting.  This is my biggest payout of the night.”
            I roll my eyes in the mirror at the sound of Roger’s voice as he pokes his head inside the door.  Show the man green and he’d lease us out in private hotels I’m sure.  He would never admit that though. 
            “I’ll be right out, Roger.” 
            He likes me though, because something about my pretty face keeps his pockets full.   I’ve already been up on stage a few times tonight, so for now I’ll be circulating the room.  “Showtime,” I mumble, and strut out into the club, ready for action.
            The club is packed with businessmen lingering in various sections of the club. I love weekends. It’s when all of the high rollers come out to play. They each have a different story: some leaving their wives at home for a fresh piece, some making this their last stop before walking the aisle, and the rest college kids looking for a little fun. I don’t care what they’re here for as long as their pockets are empty when they leave and they leave everything in the club; after all, I didn’t make them come here.
I look around the room, spotting my party sitting in front of the stage. There are a few cute ones in this batch. This is going to be fun. My eyes lock on one.  He takes me in and gives me a smirk before he starts to approach me. “Hey there, sexy. What can I do for you?”
He broadens his smile and gives me a wad of cash. “I need a favor.”
“Oh yeah. What’ll it be, Darlin’?”
He leans in to whisper in my ear, refraining from touching me because he knows it’s against the rules unless he’s buying a dance. “It’s my boy’s birthday. There is enough there for a hefty tip if you’ll take him to the VIP room for more privacy. I’ve already booked the dance.”
I look around for Roger to confirm. I find him standing across the room and he nods at me, giving me the go ahead. This guy has some nice friends.  A private lap dance is easily a grand and paid up front to Roger.  It is explained that’s before the tip, so this guy knows the rules, meaning he’s been here before. “Okay, sexy, but that’s an awfully generous gift to give someone else. Are you sure you don’t want it for yourself?” He’s cute. I wouldn’t mind giving him the dance.
He leans back to look at me. “As much as I would love to watch you grinding on top of me, my boy comes first, sexy. Maybe another time; I’ll be back.” He winks and backs away with a large grin on his face. I shrug seductively as I watch him leave. His loss.
            I head to the VIP room to get ready for my dance, greeting Gerry at the door.  All private rooms have a bouncer keeping guard to ensure that the women are safe at all times.  As I’m getting my music queued up, I hum softly under my breath and wait for my client to arrive. A few moments in and there is a knock at the door.  I walk over and open it. Greeting me on the other side of the door is an incredibly sexy man.  Hell yes, this is going to be fun.
Something about his face looks familiar, but I can’t place it.  He has dark hair, intense green eyes, and is physically fit by the defined muscle protruding from his fitted shirt.  He must have come here right after work, because he is wearing a suit, but he’s removed the jacket and he rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt, revealing tattoos running up his arms.  I don’t know what it is about a man with rolled up sleeves and tattoos, but it turns me on in a way I don’t understand.  Maybe it’s the business meets bad boy persona.  Whatever it is has me motivated to get closer to him, making my job easier.
 I step aside to let him enter. “Hi, I’m Cherry.”
He studies me for a moment with heated eyes.  The way he looks at me is as if he’s seen me before, like he knows me.
“Hi, Cherry.”  My name rolls off his tongue in the most sexual manner, causing a rush of excitement between my legs.  This is going to be one hell of a night: sexy and seductive. 
The music starts to play and I place one hand in the center of my sexy stranger’s chest, grabbing a handful of black material.  I walk backward and drag him over to the seating area before turning, pushing him backwards until he falls onto the couch behind him, giving me a deep, sexy laugh along the way.
“Damn,” he says, egging me on.  Not wasting any time, I place each hand on the back of the couch to each side of his shoulders and flip my hair from side to side.  It starts the full body roll that follows, pressing each segment of skin to his clothing, ending with my pelvis.  I stand and turn, closing in on him, resting against him in a sitting position.  I shake my ass against his crotch, enjoying the feel of it hardening beneath me.  While cupping my breasts I roll my head back, grinding to the beat of the music.  Turning my head to the side, I watch his eyes glaze over as I touch my body, skimming my hands down in a slow motion.  I continue gyrating on his lap, listening to his breathing pick up, confirming the arousal that is pressing into the crack of my ass.
  I breathe in deeply…. smelling his citrusy aftershave; something I would say is unique to him.  My hormones are quickly running wild, something different than normal. It doesn’t take me long to get lost in the music and this sexy man pressed against my backside as I allow him to become familiar with my body.  Time stands still…for a while.  I hear him grunt, praising me for the havoc I’m causing on his cock and he isn’t even naked. 
I finish out the dance as the song comes to an end, standing and adjusting my outfit.  He stands as I run my fingers through my hair and I watch as he fishes in his pockets.  He pulls out a wad of cash, handing it all to me.  I briefly stare at him in shock, but brush it off and reach for it. He doesn’t immediately turn it loose. 
“How much for house calls?”
I’m about to say something, anything to deny his question, but he beats me to the punch.
“Listen, I don’t usually come to places like this, but I’m here, and now that I am, I kind of like it.  You have a beautiful body.  Let me show you what I can do with mine,” he finishes quietly. 
What a generous man, but I can tell he enjoyed the dance from the large bulge at the front of his pants, so I know what he’s referring to. 
“I don’t think so, sweetie.”
I’m ready to thank him and leave when he grabs my hand, pulling me to him.  He presses his lips to mine before I even know what’s happening.  I can taste the whiskey on his breath.  Poor guy is so drunk I don’t think he knows what he’s asking me, but the way his hands introduce themselves to my backside I can’t be sure.  He pulls away and touches his index finger to my lips, silencing me. 
“Think about it.  The club closes at two.  I’ll be outside waiting if you decide to take me up on my offer.  Sometimes outside of the norm can be freeing…”
He turns and walks away, leaving me standing here alone.  I’m not sure what the hell just happened, but I find myself considering it.  I never do this.  There’s one reason why….”

Chrissy Snyder writes New Adult Erotic romance. She loves tattooed bad boys and misunderstood women with happy ever afters. She divides her time between writing and reading when not loving on her very jealous furbaby, Mylo. If she isn’t writing about heartache or second chances, then she is managing her busy household with her very supportive hubby and two teens. She dreams of travelling to Europe, Costa Rica and Hawaii


V.L. Holt's 97: The Warloch's Pact

V.L. Holt

Step into a Tale of a Modern Girl and Boy Mingled with Historical Romance

Newspaper Girl Jane Burrows is a hard-working likeable teen who is satisfied with her small town life far from urban cares. She lives with her mom and beagle on a quiet street in rural Oregon. She has a best friend, wheels, and a smartphone that keeps her in touch with current events. A senior in high school struggling to help her mom, Jane has other things on her mind besides romance.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Jane’s ordered world changes when a new boy moves in just a few doors down. William McLeod isn’t your typical senior. He has the build of an MMA fighter, the skills of a parkour expert, and can quote Jane Austen’s fiction no problem. He’s also pretty evasive when it comes to the simplest of questions. Where is he from? What does his dad do? Why does he keep following Jane around like a puppy dog in training?

William Has a Secret

There is that other thing too. The thing where he keeps dying in battle and resurrecting. William descends from an ancient Warrior race, created to be invincible in battle. It’s kind of a secret, until he’s faced with a life or death situation involving the cute girl he just met.

History Repeats Itself

Zarastrid is the leader of a powerful group of immortal Warlochs. In ancient times, he and his brothers had a wonderful idea. Create a race of Warriors to fight their battles for them. Zarastrid finds a Christian woman suitable for the task, but quickly discovers he can’t stay away from her. The Warriors created would be deadly, powerful and fearless. There was only one problem; it turned out that their loyalty couldn’t be guaranteed.

Zarastrid Wants Revenge

The Warlochs are hunting down every last descendant of the Warrior race. The Lochspawn monsters reign with blood and horror, wreaking devastation wherever they land. A rogue Lochspawn has tracked William to Jane’s small town, and William must make a choice. Preserve one of his last lives in order to save Jane’s frail existence? Or hoard his precious remaining lives and watch his future go up in flames?
Buy Book From...
The Book Stalker
Meet the Author
V. L. Holt adores escaping housewifery by reading all kinds of books, from non-fiction how to declutter-type books to paranormal romance to historical regency to sweet fiction and memoirs. But her favorite mode of escapism is writing-though she doubts she will ever undertake to write a bestselling decluttering book.
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