Friday, February 27, 2015

Review: Craved by an Alpha by Felicity Heaton



Having turned his back on his snow leopard pride, Cavanaugh has been counting the days until he’s free of a role he never wanted—one that separated him from his fated female and stands between him and the future he craves with her.

Just days from the night he will finally be free to be with the low-ranking beauty who stole his heart, she walks back into his life and threatens to destroy everything he’s worked towards in the five long years they’ve been apart.

Eloise has traveled across continents searching for the male who was once her best friend and so much more to her, but was now her pride’s true alpha. Desperate to fulfil a promise to her kin to save them from the tyrant he left in charge, she convinces Cavanaugh to return to his pride, but as they journey to Bhutan, doubts bloom and old feelings resurface, tearing her between duty and her deepest desires and impossible dreams.

Will Eloise be able to resist the burning need that Cavanaugh reignites in her and remember her place in the pride? And can Cavanaugh find a way to save his kin and claim the future he craves with the woman he loves?

When you find yourself loving every book that you have read by a particular author, it makes you question if he/she can continue to develop the quality stories you have come to expect.  Well, once again Ms. Heaton has proven that she has the ability to keep delivering the type of stories that will keep her fans coming back for more.  Her descriptive writing and attention to detail helps make her stories come alive.

The first thing that jumped out at me when I received this book was the cover. It oozed sex appeal, power and strength. The second thing that got my attention was the first paragraph which reads

Cavanaugh checked his watch. The coloured lights above the bar of Underworld flashed across the glass face in time with the thumping music, but didn’t stop him from seeing what he wanted. It was gone midnight. Four years and three hundred and fifty seven days had passed. In eight days, with the rising of the full moon, he would be a man without status. He couldn’t wait.

I was curious to uncover why the hero would want to be a man without status. Who or what was motivating him to give up his position?

Cavanaugh is a snow leopard shifter.  He became the alpha for his pride on his father’s death, however, this was a position that he did not want.  Being in this position meant he would have to give up on being with his fated mate.  The archaic rules of the pride prevented a high ranking member to mate with a low ranking member.  He decided to challenge the rules which saw him being away from the pride and his mate for several years.   He only had eight days left to claim his mate, however unexpected turn of events was about to derail his plans.

Eloise has loved Cavanaugh for a long time and she was devastated when he left.  She knew based on the rules they could not be together, but she is willing to sacrifice her love if meant that the pride would be protected. It was to this end she went looking for him to convince him to return.  
What followed is a journey fraught with danger and passion.  I liked how they worked together to reach their destination. The love between these two was evident throughout the pages of the book.  Craved by an Alpha is a story that depicts that true love is all about making sacrifices. It shows that love means putting another person’s happiness above yours.

This is the shortest book in the series so far and it can be read as a standalone.  I love this series and I am looking forward to reading  the next book. 

 I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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