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DESIRE ME NOW by Tiffany Clare

Desire Me #1
Tiffany Clare
Released May 5th, 2015
Avon Impulse

When Amelia Grant’s past catches up with her and threatens to destroy the life she’s built, Nick Riley doesn’t hesitate to protect her.

With just one look Nick completely undoes her. He wanted her surrender and she all but threw it at his feet. She’s revealed her darkest secrets . . . let him into her heart as he drew her deeper into forbidden games of desire . . .

But what happens when Nick’s secrets can destroy the very foundation they’ve build between each other? Will he let Amelia through the barriers of his past? Or will the truth tear them apart?

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Chapter One
London, 1881
“Tell me what you want, darling.” Victoria pressed hot kisses against his chest, scooting lower and lower with those pouty red lips of hers until her hand cupped his sac and her tongue danced teasingly over his abdomen and toward his half-stiff cock.
Nick Riley wasn’t generally a man to complain about being in such a position. “I have some errands to attend to this morning,” he said as he fisted his hand in the fall of Victoria’s blonde tresses.
When she rotated her tongue around the head of his cock, all his good intentions and morning obligations went out the window. Anything that needed taking care of could be done after that pretty little mouth of hers got his cock off.
Cat-like green eyes stared up at him, all innocent—though that was the last thing Victoria could be called. His hand tangled in her hair, angling her head back. That didn’t stop her from flicking out her tongue once more.
Refusing her would be like looking the gift horse in the mouth. While they’d agreed to end their affair last night, that hadn’t stopped her from seducing him right back into her bed. Not that he’d tried very hard to dissuade her, so he was just as much at fault for their current position.
And what a perfect position this was.
“Victoria,” he growled as her head lowered once again to the prominent protrusion standing very ready between them.
She didn’t hesitate to take in the full length of him, practically fucking him with that sweet mouth of hers. His hips thrust off the bed as her mouth drew on him. God, she felt good. She continued to swirl her tongue around him until the first bit of semen emitted from the tip. Sucking that into her mouth, she released him with a pop before she crawled up his body. Her breasts swayed enticingly as her hard nipples stirred the hair on his chest, begging him to say yes.
“I’m just making certain you start the day on the right foot, Nicky. You cannot very well go around with a massive bulge in your trousers. What should the delicate misses think to see you in such a state?” As she spoke, her hand curled around his shaft and stroked it from the base up. “We did agree on an amicable parting, and I find our position perfectly . . . amicable.
Nick sat up with Victoria poised above him, her legs straddling his hips. The tip of his cock brushed against the damp curls between her thighs. He clasped her waist, stopping her from lowering. There was no way he was getting out of this bed without feeling the tight clasp of her sheath at least once more, but he would be the one in control.
Flipping her onto her back, he slammed into her welcome heat. Her legs curled around his back, her heels digging into his ass as he took her hard, pounding into her with a ferocity that didn’t ebb as her nails bit into his arms, and she screamed his name until her voice was hoarse.

He pumped into her so hard they almost tipped right over the edge of the bed by the time he had emptied himself inside her sweet little cunt. He stayed inside her until she milked every last drop out of him.

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Deciding that life had far more to

offer than a nine to five job, bickering children and housework of any kind
(unless she’s on a deadline when everything is magically
spotless), TIFFANY CLARE opened up her laptop to write stories she could get
lost in. Tiffany writes sexy historical romances set in the Victorian era. She
lives in Toronto with her husband, two kids and two dogs and you can find out
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