Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cover reveal for Outbreak The Living

By Deausha Kristal


     Egypt and her family
continue to struggle through the Zombie Apocalypse not knowing how it
all started. With new alliances to be made, they are trying to figure
out who they can trust and how to survive when resources begin to

doesn't take long for Egypt and her family to realize that zombies
aren't the worst of the evils lurking.  A new, more disturbing force
takes them by surprise. When one of them gets taken, the others must
band together and fight to save the bonds of family and friendship. 

the world continues crumbling down at her feet, Egypt goes through what
no woman should ever have to. Will their tactics help them make it out
alive, or will evil win in the end?
   Weaponry and faith can only get them so far. What will it take for them to rise up and prevail through this new chaos?

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