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 You Don’t Know Me by Faleena Hopkins 
Publication date: August 17th 2015
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

An orphan and aspiring dancer learns her father wasn't who she thought, when on her twenty-first birthday she inherits $50 million dollars and two difficult brothers she never knew she had. Can their rockstar best friend stand up for her? And can he change her mind about wanting to be alone?While this is a romance, it's also very much about family and especially siblings.

“There’s a mob.” “We have to get out of here now.” “I told you she would do something like this.”
Sean and Jack are on my left side and Alec on my right, with Jenna and Susan right behind us. I’m physically better now that I got rid of most of the poison, but I’m completely embarrassed. As we approach the exit of the Hyatt, I see out what’s waiting for us outside on East 42nd Street. “Holy crap!”
Security guards are holding fans back outside, behind insufficiently skinny, black ropes. There’s a limo waiting for us, but he’s surrounded. The second we’re spotted, the fans break through the ropes like a swarm of bees set free from a jar. “Oh my God! What are we gonna do?!”
My bothers and Alec tighten in around me, their faces numbed blank from experience. Together, we push through the crowd, assaulted by screams. Each of their names is yelled over and over. SEAN! JACK! ALEC! Again and again and again. Cell phones are held high, recording everything, and the awareness hits me that all of this will be on the Internet in a matter of minutes. Every grimace I make. Every smile I don’t give. But how do you smile when people are grabbing at you? So many hands. So many bodies slamming us together and all we want to do is get to the car where it’s safe.
“Jenna!” I scream, craning my head to see if she’s okay.
She and Susan are pushing through. “We’re okay! Keep going!”
I shut down, my face going dead. I disappear inside myself. We all have the same self-protect shield up now. I hear someone scream my name and reflexively I look, locking eyes with a young girl who can’t be older than fifteen. She’s dressed to the nines, Latisse eyelashes and all, and she reaches out for me. I reach out, too, and we touch fingers. “Thank you!” she mouths, tears forming in her eyes. I frown and the guys propel me forward. We’re a locomotive of six driving through the crowd.
“Hey!” Jenna yells as I feel myself grabbed from behind, and my body tugged backward, hard, and lurching from force. Alec whacks the guy’s feverish fingers off my hips as I stumble. “Stand close, Rue. Stand close to me.” Alec’s arm goes around me. I lean into him, trying not to hyperventilate. Sean glances back to see if I’m okay. Jack is still to my left, his face like his last name. He signals to the limo driver who nods and opens the door, ushering us in.
Alec helps me in first, then my girlfriends, with Jack and Sean facing the crowd and posing in their famous stances to satisfy the masses with a good photo. Sean waves to the crowd and throws them a smirk; his angelic face exactly like I’ve seen it so many times in the magazines. I now know he’s rehearsed that face. This insanity–never being able to go anywhere like normal people without fear of being caught on film, or assaulted–is the price you have to pay for the freedom their money gives them. My money, now, too, I guess.
Is this what my life is going to be like now?
“Everything has a price,” I mumble, taking Jenna’s hand. “How’re you doing Susan? Bet you didn’t expect this when you locked up the store, did you?”
She grins. “I’ve never had so much fun!”
Jack challenges me, his lashing expression calling me out as responsible for what just happened, “You want to get into trouble? Let’s get into trouble.”
I raise my eyebrows; feel the familiar fire of rebellion light up my veins. “Bring it, Jack.”


“I’ve written books since age five or six when I first sold a crayon-illustrated short story to my parents for a dollar.”
Faleena Hopkins is drawn to telling stories of love or redemption, and often both. Hiding behind the pen name “Sabrina Lacey” when she began writing, Faleena now publishes only under her own name. She’s an actress and director, too, and currently lives in Atlanta, GA, with her crazy-cute dog, Pippin. Learn more about her filmmaking career at

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