Tuesday, November 22, 2016

#COYER Blackout Challenge Sign-Up

It's that time again when you get opportunity to Clean Out Your E-reads. However, bear in mind that this time around it will not be an easy feat. The requirements this time around are strict and there is no way for you to bend them so don't even think about it.  You are probably wondering how strict can it get, well read the rules below and then you can decide for yourself.

COYER is going to be a 12 week Blackout, where you have to dedicate yourself to reading the books YOU ALREADY  have acquired for less than $1.00.
That’s right,  you have between now and the start of COYER, December 17th, to acquire the books you’ll be reading during COYER. And they must be books you got for less than $1.00. The only exception is audio books, which you must have purchased for less than $5. They must either be eBooks or audio books.
We understand that we’re all constantly acquiring new books,  though.  So we’ve provided you a little relief (believe it or not this was all Michelle!), in the form of a generator.  Every book powers the generator up a little more.  After reading 10 books over 100 pages your generator is fully powered.  Books under 100 pages only provide half the energy… So it would take 20 books under 100 pages to power your generator.
Once your generator is powered up,  you may read ANY one book you want.  Doesn’t matter how much it cost, where you got it,  what format it is.  But your generator only has enough power for ONE book,  so use it immediately and wisely.  You can’t save it to use later,  it’s now or never!
COYER Blackout will run from December 17, 2016 – March 3, 2017. We will leave the linky open 1 extra day for you to get reviews in,  but those reviews need to be posted by the end of the day March 3rd. We will announce winners of (3) $10 gift cards to Amazon or Barnes and Noble on March 4th.
ARCs and freebies are welcome, but all books have to be e-books or audios. If the ARC was requested from the publisher prior to the start of COYER and you received it after the challenge begins then it counts.
No Library books this time around.
  • Will you join me on this challenge? Let me know in the comments.

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