Friday, December 30, 2016

MY TOP READS for 2016

This will be my first time since I started blogging that I will be mentioning my top reads for the year. 
My reading this year did not go as planned. I started out wanting to achieve a goal 130 books which would have been the same as in 2016. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it.  When I saw the impossibility of achieving this goal I lowered it to 120, however I missed the mark by 1 book.  There is still some hours left so who know I just may make it.

With that being said, I read several books that left an indelible mark on me. However, for this post, I will only be mentioning the ones that were published in 2016.

Chased By Love by Melissa Foster  ( Love in Bloom Series): A sweet, funny and romantic story.

It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover.: This was my first time reading Colleen Hoover and it won't be my last. A story of survival, sacrifice, love, healing, forgiveness, and courage in the face of adversity.

Haunted by the King of Death (Eternal Mates,  #11)

Haunted by the King of Death by Felicity Heaton: Not only was an action packed read, the romance was beautiful. 


Blood Secrets by Elizabeth Morgan: This is book 2 in the Blood series. Book 1, Cranberry Blood was an awesome read so when Blood Secretes was released I knew I had to continue the series. 

Dark Sexy Knight

Dark Sexy Knight by Katy Regnery:  A story about unconditional love, patience, acceptance, family, and friendships.

Tru Blue by Melissa Foster: This story brought tears to my eyes and placed a smile on my face. It's filled with hope, love, joy, heartache, passion and tenderness.

Bittersweet Symphony by Belinda Boring: This is book 2 of The Damaged Soul Series.  I loved book 1 Bittersweet Melody and could not wait to get my hands on the sequel. Bittersweet Symphony was an incredible conclusion to what I considered to be a heart-wrenching, bittersweet and unforgettable story of two people whose love for each other has endured pain, loss, and tragedy.

Fearless for Love by Clara Stone: The final book in the Lovelly series. It can be read as a stand-alone. A suspenseful and emotional read.

Deep Dark by Laura Griffin: I thought the plot was well researched. The story was detailed and easy to follow. The plot was believable and the pacing was good. This was a fun, exciting and suspenseful read which emphasized the dangers of social sites.

His Secret Life by Kim Cano: A thought provoking story that highlights the struggles, discrimination, and temptations that homosexuals face on a daily basis.

Have you made a list of your favorite reads for this year?
What were some of the books you loved?  I would love to hear from you.  

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