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Title: It's You
Author: Katy Regnery
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Boroughs Publishing Group
Release Date: January 3, 2017
Format: E-book
Pages: 275
Source: Author 

Reading Challenges: COYER Blackout, 2017 New Release

From New York Times bestselling author Katy Regnery comes her first duo of paranormal romances!

the most beautiful boy in the world kissed me.
I’ve never been able to forget.
Perhaps it was his jet-black hair,or the changing copper-color of his eyes, the intense way he looked at me…or the fact that he awakened my passion for the first time, at once otherworldly yet heartbreakingly real. But after that kiss, I never saw him again. His name was Jack Beauloup. Jack, my “Beautiful Wolf.” Twenty years passed. He has returned. For me.

“I belong to you. And you belong to me. For what is bound cannot be broken.” 

When I heard that Katy Regnery would be branching out into the paranormal genre I was intrigued. She is known for writing sweet and steamy contemporary romance. Paranormal romance is a whole different ball game as such I was curious to see how she would handle this one, and boy did she nail it.

“It’s You” is not typical of the books that I have read in this genre so far. The story hidden in the pages of this book is beautiful, engaging, sweet and heartbreaking. It’s a story about a love that has bound two people for eternity, a love so strong, that it broke centuries-old traditions and laws, a love that is forbidden but could not be denied.

All it took was one kiss for Jack Beaulop to recognize that Darcy Turner was his one true love, but there was one major problem, she was human. This went against everything his pack believed in. To them, humans were the enemy. To make sense of the situation he returned to his origins, leaving Darcy broken hearted. Twenty years later, after a lot of soul-searching, he has returned to claim what is his. Would Darcy be receptive? 

Darcy Turner never forgot her first kiss, which she received at the age of fifteen. It was a kiss to end all kisses, one that would ultimately change her life. The only problem was the initiator of the kiss disappeared without saying goodbye. Twenty years later he has returned and her life as she knew will never be the same.

“Twenty years, Will. I don’t think I’d ever stopped hoping that I’d see him again.” “Yeah. I could see it on your face.” “But, now he’s back and…I’m so…”

“It’s You” was a beautifully written story that held me in its grip from the first page. I had difficulty putting it down. I became so immersed in the story, that I felt as if I were living Jack and Darcy’s life. It felt so real. The emotions, the scenery, and the activities just kept pulling me in.

The story was broken down into two parts. Part one was told from Darcy’s perspective and part two gave us Jack’s POV. This helped me to understand their thoughts and actions. I felt and saw everything that they both went through, which made them relatable and realistic characters. I found myself rooting for them at every page turn.

Their romance was sweet, beautiful and soul stirring. It was not typical of what I had come to expect from shifter romances. Yes, they were bound, but Jack did not try to force his will on Darcy. He loved her too much for that. He gave her the space she needed to sort out her feelings. I loved how he was protective of her. They both had their questions as it relates to their connection. They had their doubts like any normal couple. This is not one of those stories where everything fell into place perfectly. Secrets threatened to tear them apart.

I am not a big fan of cliffhangers, which is front and centre of this book. However, seeing that I don’t have to wait long to read the sequel, I wasn’t bothered by it this time around. I can’t wait to get my hands on it as I eager to see how the story will end.


“It’s You” is one the best paranormal romances I have read in a while and I highly recommend to fans of the genre. Even if you have never ventured into the genre before I am sure you would enjoy “It’s You”. 

“I love you. With everything I am. With everything I’ll ever be.” “Jack—” she sobbed. “That’s all I wanted to say. That’s all I wanted you to know. No matter what happens between us, Darcy Turner…I love you forever.”

“You. I’d dream of you. Like I always do. Like I always have.”

I received this book from the author via  L. Woods PR in exchange for an honest review. This has no bearing on my review, which is an honest reflection of my opinion of this book.  .***

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