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The Ones Who Got Away
Author:  Roni Loren 
Series: The Ones Who Got Away #1 
Published: January 2nd 2018 
Genres: Contemporary, Romance 
Pages: 384 
Format: eARC 
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
Reading Challenges: 2018 New Release COYER Winter with a TwistNetgalley and Edelweiss

I received this book for free from the publisher via Netgalley.  This does not affect my views of the book or the content of my review.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Title:  We Were One (Looking Glass alternate POV)
Author: Elizabeth Reyes
Genre: NA/Romance suspense/Romantic thriller
Release Date:  January 29, 2018

Monday, January 29, 2018


Title: Bayside Passions
Series: Bayside Summers #2
Publisher: World Literary Press
Released: January 10, 2018
Genres: Contemporary Romance 
Format: eARC 
Pages: 364
Source: Author via Beck Valley Book Tours
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Blog All About It Challenge ~ January 2018 - Winter


When I heard about this challenge, my excitement levels went up a notch. Why? This was a great opportunity for me to start having discussion posts on my blog. However, when I discovered the prompt for January would be winter, I scratched my head and wondered what I have gotten myself into.  What could I possibly write about winter, having had no experience with the season? You see, I from the island of Jamaica, which does not experience the four seasons. Instead, it is either sunshine or rain, hot or cool and the threat of hurricanes between the months of June and November. Now there is a topic I could write extensively on, but that is a story for another time.

Throughout my life, I have had the pleasure of meeting persons who provided me with their varying views on winter. In addition, I have seen photographs of what winter looks like. I know this can never compare to the real thing, but for I have no choice but to experience it through the eyes of others. Growing up, I always wanted to experience what they experienced.  It all appeared so adventurous and fun.  The idea of making snowmen, engaging in snowball fights and creating snow angels and feeling and smelling snow piqued my curiosity. Also curling up beside the fireplace with a good book and hot chocolate, what more could a bookworm ask for. I dreamed of experiencing these things, but the opportunity never presented itself. Then as I got older, I came to realise there is so much more to winter than I originally thought.

The freezing temperatures I have heard about is definitely no joke. I am used to wearing one layer of clothing and so I cannot imagine wearing several layers to combat the cold weather. I am not averse to cold, but when I hear about temperatures such as 10 degrees Celsius, I am thinking hell no and do not get me started when it falls lower than this. Then there is the thing with the ice hmm.   Slipping on ice or having accidents while driving is not something I would want to experience. However, I love the idea of staying indoors due to the freezing temperatures and being the homebody I am it would suit me fine.

In a recent conversation with a relative who lived in the New York for twenty years, I enquired about what she loved most and least about the season. Her response made me laugh.  She stated emphatically that she did not like winter and it only had a good name because Christmas was celebrated during this time. So in essence, her favourite part of winter is Christmas. I understood where she was coming from because after spending most of your life in a tropical climate adjusting to the cold weather would prove a challenge. She hated when the snow get dirty as it is ugly and slippery. She said winter had other redeeming qualities as she enjoyed hot beverages during this time, and she loved the soothing feeling that comes with watching the falling snow.

Now despite the freezing temperatures and the possibility of slipping on ice I still dream of experiencing a taste of winter. I am not sure if it is something I would want to deal with permanently, but I would love to see and feel snow and experience all the good things that come with it.

If you would like to be apart of this challenge, which hosted by Anna @ Herding Cats and Burning Soup, here is the link:

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BOOK REVIEW: ADVANCE by K. A. DUGGSY @Kellyduggsy @QuirkyBlindDate

Title: Advance
Author:  K. A. Duggsy
Series: Haunts for Sale #2
Genres: Dystopia, Sci-Fi, Romance
Publisher: CreateSpace 
Published: March 12, 2016
Pages: 304
Format: ebook
Source: Author via Quirky Blind Date
Reading Challenges:  COYER Winter with a Twist
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January 22-28, 2018

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Today I have the pleasure of  hosting Khaled Talib on the blog. He will sharing important information about his latest novel  Gun Kiss

You’ve written three novels, but none except Gun Kiss has a splash of romance. Why?

Blame it on an old movie that I watched one evening. A famous movie star who starred in it also reminded me of a pre-university friend who in some ways resemble the actress. Unfortunately, we lost contact. Recently, I approached a newspaper reporter in Singapore for help to find her. He published a story about my novel in relation to finding her. I wanted to give her a copy of the novel.  I named the actress in my novel Goldie St. Helen. The protagonist is Blake Deco. 

As a male author, did you find it difficult to write a POV from a woman’s perspective? 

Well, I didn’t dress up like Tootsie if that’s what you mean, but I did spend time making observations. I also tried to delve into a woman’s mind to weave in emotions, thoughts, reflections and the things they talk about in oppose to what men talk about. 

Do you think you understand women better now?

Are you kidding? Of course not! When she goes silent, I have no idea what’s she’s thinking about. I even wrote a scene about that.  

How would you describe the relationship between the characters in the novel?

Happy. Confuse. Intense. Fearful. Anxious. Lost. Perplexed. Hopeful. 

Readers and reviewers have described your action scenes as fast, and there’s plenty of that in Gun Kiss. Why do you feel the pace is necessary?  

Ask most people why they like going on rollercoaster rides? 
It’s pulsating. It’s the same with reading thrillers.  I write that way because my readers want the story to be riveting. I want to share the thrill of writing with my reader. If I don’t feel it, they’re not going to feel it. 

Do you plan to write a sequel? 

I should. It’s a colorful story, if I do say so myself. I’ll consider once I’m done with the present manuscript, which is a murder mystery. Let’s see how it goes. I’ll need to find a new plot. I’m sure it’ll happen… I can feel the characters calling me back for another round of adventure. 

Think Gun Kiss will be made into a movie? 

Anything is possible. My debut, Smokescreen, was read by Paul Greengrass, the movie director. I pitched it to him via Creative Artists Agency and he read it. The idea was rejected but I came that close. The experience gave me inspiration to write some scenes with the actress and her movie agent. 

Who will play your characters if Gun Kiss is ever made into a movie?

I don’t know. Some people in their thirties, I suppose. He must be handsome, and she must be blonde. Am I asking a lot?  Well, you’ll have to consider how long it’ll take before the movie is made. Even if I had some favorites, they’ll be older by then. I am sure Hollywood will have new faces over the years. 

What does Gun Kiss mean and how long did it take you to come up with the title?

It’s a metaphor for finding love at a dangerous time. It took me a while to get it right. I had a few weird titles in the beginning, some even sounded like a soda brand. But then I said, “This one.” It sounded perfect, especially the way the story’s been written.   

American history seems to play a part in the novel. Since the prologue begins with the Deringer that shot Abraham Lincoln stolen at the Ford’s Theatre Museum, did you learn anything new about that fateful night during your research? 

I learned that a man named Samuel J. Seymour was at the theater lived long enough to go on television to tell us what he saw. 
Seymour was about five-years-old in 1865. During a television show called “I’ve Got a Secret” he revealed that he saw the assassin John Wilkes Booth jump off the balcony after the shot was fired. Imagine that… a live witness. Seymour died in 1956.  

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A stolen piece of history, an abducted actress and international intrigue…

When the Deringer pistol that shot Abraham Lincoln is stolen and ends up in the hands of a Russian military general, covert agent Blake Deco is tasked by the FBI to head to the Balkans to recover the historical weapon. Meanwhile, the United States media is abuzz with news of the mysterious disappearance of Hollywood movie star, Goldie St. Helen.

After Blake’s return from overseas, he receives a tip from a Mexican friend that a drug lord, obsessed with the beautiful actress, is holding her captive in Tijuana. With the help of a reluctant army friend, Blake mounts a daring rescue. What he doesn’t expect is to have feelings for Goldie—or that a killer is hunting them.


Khaled Talib is a former magazine journalist and public relations
practitioner. His articles have been published and syndicated to newspapers worldwide, and his short stories have appeared in literary journals and magazines. He is also the author of thrillers Smokescreen and Incognito. Khaled is a member of the International Thriller Writers. The author lives in Singapore. 

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January 15 -21, 2018

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: FIRST CONTACT by KAT GREEN @hauntsforsale @QuirkyBlindDate

Title: First Contact
Author:  Kat Green
Series: Haunts for Sale #2
Genres: Horror, Mystery
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Published: June 28, 2017
Pages: 180
Format: ebook
Source: Author via Quirky Blind Dte
Reading Challenges:  COYER Winter with a Twist
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January 8-14, 2018

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Thursday, January 04, 2018


Title: The Prophecy
Author:  Petra London
Series: Saga of the Chosen
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Indie
Published: January 27, 2017
Pages: 426
Format: ebook
Source: Gifted from the author
Date Completed: December 30, 2017
Reading Challenges:  2017 New Release Challenge, COYER Winter with a Twist, Blogger Shame Challenge
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I am pleased to welcome Ellis Shuman, author of The Burgas Affair, to Totally Addicted to Reading!

What Inspired Me to Set My Novels in Bulgaria

My crime thriller, The Burgas Affair, is set in Bulgaria and Israel. Why Israel? That setting can be attributed to the fact that I moved to Israel at the age of fifteen with my family and have lived here ever since. But why Bulgaria?

Most readers would probably not be able to locate Bulgaria on a map. I had never been to Bulgaria and knew nothing about the country when my job was relocated to Sofia, the capital, for two years. Bulgaria? Of all places in the world! I didn’t speak Bulgarian and coming from Israel, I wasn’t prepared to face the harsh winters of Eastern Europe.