Thursday, March 29, 2018



I had a hard time trying to figure out my favourite scent. However, after much introspection I came to the realisation that identifying a particular scent as my favourite would prove to be a difficult task. I decided to take an easier route by mentioning all the scents I love.

Baked Goods

Oh, I love the smell that permeates the air during the baking process. It brings back warm memories of my childhood. It reminds me of the days when my I would aid my mom with baking, especially at Christmas time. Those were fun times and the best part was looking forward to the tasting of the batter on completion of the preparation process.

Fresh Country Air

Now, I do not get to experience this often, so when I do it is an absolute joy.  I live in the hustling and bustling city of Kingston (Capital of Jamaica), and you know how heavy the air in the city can be. Therefore, breathing in the fresh country air helps to relieve the stress that comes with living in the city.


There is nothing more amazing than the aroma of books, so intoxicating. Every opportunity I get I will go through my collection of books, or visit the bookstore to get a whiff of that intoxicating scent.  

Besides the above, I also enjoy the smell of coconut oil, vanilla essence, and fresh laundry and finally yet importantly, I love the fresh aroma associated with babies.

Well, that's it for me on my favourite scents. What are yours?

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