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Growl as defined by means to utter a deep guttural sound of anger or hostility or to murmur and complain angrily.  Now when I saw it was the prompt for this month’s Blog All About it Challenge, I racked my brain many times trying to figure out what to write. Then I had a lightbulb moment. I am a blogger, reader/reviewer so why not write about books and blog related things that would make growl? So here goes.

1.       Failure to follow the instructions in my Review Policy: Now review requests do not make me growl. However, what makes me growl is when the requester does not follow the instructions as laid out in my review policy. Yes, I am an avid reader, but that does not mean I read everything that comes my way. That is why I specifically state what I will and will not read.  Therefore, when I open an email with the subject heading review request, I do not expect to see a request for self-help, religious and biographical materials.  Where in my review policy does it say I read those type of books?  I read romance, mysteries, thrillers and fantasy. Then to make matters worse, the books are included as an attachment in the same email as if that will make me change my mind.

2.       Unfinished Series: Can you imagine starting a series and you patiently wait for the next book to be released as you were told it would release soon. Then one year passes and before you know it three years has passed and the book is yet to be released. Then all you can hear is it is being worked on. Seriously, people that is just not right. Now, that makes me want to growl.

3.       Cliff-hangers: I know a lot of you can relate to this one. Now if I know that there would be a cliff-hanger and I know the next book has been released or will release in the next week then I can tolerate it. However, if it is the opposite, and I am left to hang for the unforeseeable future, then the problems begin. I detest them in reading and in watching television shows and movies.

4.       Free with Kindle Unlimited:  I have made use of this service and I had no problems with it. In fact, I believe it is a good thing as it can prove to be cost effective for those persons who read over 10 books per month. Now this is a paid subscription service.  There is nothing free about it. If you don’t pay the required fee, you cannot access the service. I fail to understand why book advertisements would state you can get the book advertised free with kindle unlimited. No, I cannot. I have to pay the monthly subscription before I can access it, so explain how is it free. These ads are so annoying.

So there you have it in a nutshell, a few of the things, which make want to growl. What makes you want to growl?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to be apart of this challenge, which hosted by Anna @ Herding Cats and Burning Soup, here is the link:

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