Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Please welcome Brendon Bertram, author of  Moira Ashe: Enemy Within to the blog today.
He will be discussing his favourite detail to add to a character.


One of my favorite details to add to a character is a scar. Not to every character mind you, and not just to add attitude to a character's design (like the cliché vertical eye scar seen everywhere), but when you craft a story behind it, it can be a potent literary tool.

It can say a lot about the character. Are they a fighter? A reckless fool? or a victim of abuse? maybe they inflicted the wounds on themselves? 

But scars, or blemishes in general, can even say something about the larger world. Is the work the characters do dangerous? Is the world populated by horrid monsters? Maybe they're prayed upon by other people? 

As long as the scars match the story, the options are limitless.

Large or small, it tells a story simply by existing. A visual history carved into the very skin, undeniable and as permanent as the past that caused it.

A blood moon is rising above Abalon. Werewolves, once heard of only in whispers around the borderlands, have been spotted in villages and towns mere miles from the capital, and the king is worried - worried enough to send Lincoln Clarke to find help.

But hunters this far from Abalon aren't exactly keen. Lincoln's gone through half a dozen leads before he finds Moira Ashe lurking in the corner of a tavern, her dark eyes glinting in the candlelight. It takes a bag of gold for Moira to agree even to tell Lincoln what she knows, and more still for her to allow him along on a hunt.

But what should have been a simple job turns out to be anything but. With a suspect Moira can't pin down and a string of bodies piling up in the beast's wake, Lincoln finds himself doubting Moira's skill. And with time running out and the full moon approaching, failure is not an option.

But Moira has her own secrets to protect, and the beast she and Lincoln are hunting may not be the biggest threat after all...


Brendon Charles Bertram was born on May 28, 1994. Working on the family farm on PEI, it wasn’t until March 27, 2015, after the death of his father that he began pursuing writing. He continues to live on PEI, but now occupies his time with travelling the globe, reading texts on philosophy and psychology, and exploring a deep fascination and passion for storytelling.

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