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BOOK REVIEW: CLAIMED BY HER COUGAR by FELICITY HEATON @felicityheaton #ParanormalRomance #Shifters

Title : Claimed by Her Cougar
Series: Cougar Creek Mates
Publisher: Indie 
Published : July 28, 2018
Pages: 150
Format: eArc
Source: Author in exchange for a honest review
Reading Challenges: 2018 New Release 
Purchase: Amazon

Felicity Heaton has created a brand new series, the Cougar Creek Mates.  Claimed by her Cougar is the first book in this new series.  This is a spin-off of her Eternal Mates series, which I absolutely adore, so when I heard about the Cougar Mates series I immediately signed up to receive copies of the books for review.

 Claimed by her Cougar introduces Rath and Ivy. Rath, a cougar shifter is preparing for the gathering in his role has a protector of his community. He has no interest in mating, but then a human of the female variety entered his territory who had him rethinking his decision of not taking a mate.

Ivy a photographer stumbled onto Cougar Creek when she went in search of Canadian Black Bears to photograph. Her experience with difficult alpha males proved a disaster. Therefore, when the mountain of a man she encountered while on her quest tried to scare her off his land, she was not having any of it.

I found both characters likeable.  For a short story (150 pages), I thought they were well developed. Their initial encounter was riddled with mistrust, fear and anger. Mistrust on Rath’s part as he thought Ivy was a hunter who came to scout out the land.  Fear on Ivy’s part, as she did not understand what his intentions were towards her and anger because he prevented her from taking her photos.

Claimed by Her Cougar is a quick and enjoyable read. The action scenes were intense, which came as no surprise and the sex scenes scorching. A note of warning if you are not a fan of insta-love then you may have an issue. However, remember this is a shifter romance and based on my experience with this genre shifters recognise their mates from the moment they lay eyes on them.

Despite my enjoying this installment, I had a few issues. My first issue lies with the villain. I did not have enough information to decide if I liked or disliked him.  My second issue lies in how the story wrapped up. The romance lacked substance, which is not what I have come to expect from the author. I believe it stemmed from the fact that the romance was not adequately developed and the story felt as if the author was in a hurry to wrap up the installment.

Despite the issues mentioned, I enjoyed this installment. Fans of shifter romance would enjoy visiting this world.

Having lost his parents and mate in a brutal attack on his cougar shifter pride by a hunter organisation, Rath burns with a need to keep humans off his land and out of his life. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect his pride from them, but when a lone female wanders into his territory, it isn’t a burning need to drive her away he’s feeling and it isn’t his pride that needs protecting—it’s his heart.

Down on her luck, Ivy follows a lead to a spot where she hopes to photograph black bears, but what she discovers there is a mountain of a man who lacks manners and seems determined to drive her off his property—a man who stirs unbidden fire in her veins and a strange sense of home.

With a pride gathering on the verge of happening at Cougar Creek and the air charged with a mating heat, the last thing Rath needs is a human on his land, especially one as beautiful and alluring as Ivy, one who rouses a fierce need to fight for her, but he can’t convince himself to let her go… and that proves dangerous for them both.

Discover four sexy cougar shifter brothers guaranteed to become your next book boyfriends in this hot new shapeshifter romance series from New York Times and USA Today international best-selling author Felicity Heaton, set in the same rich and addictive world as her Eternal Mates paranormal romance series.

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