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Title: Ascension
Author: Yolanda Hatcher
Narrator (s):  Anne-Marie Agbodji, Jason Clarke, Amanda Leigh Cobb, John York
Publisher: Yolanda Hatcher
Source: AudioBook Obsession in exchange for a honest review
Format: Audio Book/ebook
Release Date: August 21, 2018
Length : 7hrs 22mins
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Now I am at the end of the story I am at a bit of a loss as to what to write that would aptly portray my opinion of this book. This is my first experience with the author and the narrators so I did not know what to expect. Based on the rave reviews I came across for this title and the synopsis I expected an exciting read/listen. Sorry to say I am in the minority with regard to the rave reviews as the story failed to deliver what I expected. I guess this one was not for me.

The story had potential, but I never connected with it. There were parts I found interesting, but these were overshadowed by the parts of the story that dragged.

The characters proved interesting, but I never connected with them. Initially, I found myself liking them, but then a particular revelation caused me to lose all developing connections. By the time, it came to light that the revelation was false it was too late to reestablish the lost connection.

One of the things I had difficulty wrapping my brain around was the relationship between the main characters, Luna and Parker. Parker had no contact with the outside world for 11 years because of time spent in a mental institution. Luna has been living under the evil thumb of her so-called guardian from she was eight years old. Now the moment they laid eyes on each other they knew they were in love. I had a hard time buying into that one even after events unfolded.

Magic and supernatural powers abound but it was not enough to make me enjoy this one. The cliffhanger ending helped to make the situation worse.

The narration helped to make the story bearable, but it was not enough to get me excited. Four narrators were used in the story’s narration. I thought they did a good job in capturing the unique personalities of the characters through their voices.  The pacing and tones were good, and they captured each of the characters’ emotions well.

Conclusion/ Recommendation
I wanted to like this book, but it just did not work for me. Other readers Urban Fantasy may like this more than I did. I do not believe I will continue the series.



Overall Rating

Ascension: Volume I, Part I audiobook cover art
Eleven years of Parker Stevens' life have sped by, the time moving so slowly, he’d assumed he would be in the mental institution forever for the murders he’d committed when he was 15. His days are monotonous and uneventful...until he is released and meets her.

She elicits a feeling in him so strong that a power awakens within his very being. He doesn’t recognize himself or understand why the power ignites whenever he’s around her. Either way, Parker knows he’s in love.

Luna is trapped. She lives with the man who kidnapped her as a child and subsequently raised her. Now, she’s his lover, a role she is forced to portray and to accept. However, it doesn’t stop her from hating his guts. She remains because she is indebted; she must continue to use herself as payment in order to free her father from captivity. But then she meets Parker, the man’s nephew, and starts to want something...for herself...for once.

With featured music by Stumbleine - "She Stole the Beach"

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