A SEAL's Salvation (Uniformly Hot SEALs, #3)



Subject: Navy SEAL Petty Officer Brody Lane 

Current Status: On leave 

Obstacle: The one girl who was off-limits… 

Where navy SEAL "Bad Ass" Brody Lane goes, trouble follows. Being run out of his hometown years ago for misbehaving with Genna Reilly—the sheriff's daughter—was one thing. Now Brody is about to step into real danger. Not the suggestive letters he's been exchanging with Genna, but the kind of trouble that can send a soldier home injured and broken inside… 

Genna's entire life has been orchestrated by her family. The right job. The right friends. Enough! Brody's return offers the promise of lust-filled pleasures. Of flesh teased and tasted. She's not expecting to find a soldier with distant eyes who has secluded himself from the world. But this good girl knows exactly how to bring a bad boy back to life…. 

Uniformly Hot! The Few. The Proud. The Sexy as Hell.

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed watching movies and reading stories about men in uniform so when the opportunity came for me to read and review A Seal’s Salvation I was quite excited.

In A Seal’s Salvation we meet Brody and Genna, who are the main characters in the story. While in high school Genna had a huge crush on Brody, however, he never gave her the time of day. Genna would do almost anything to get him to notice her as such when the opportunity arose for her to kiss him based on a game of truth or dare she jumped at it. However, little did she know that this chance of fulfilling her secret fantasy would have resulted in Brody being run out of town and forced to join the Navy. 

Brody was what one would consider a bad ass in his youth. He had his own fantasies about Genna but was afraid to act on them out of fear of her father’s reaction and based on his belief that she was out of his league. However, when Genna approached him that fateful night he put up no resistance which led to him being forced to leave town by her father who had caught them together. Ten years later they were both reunited when Brody returned home to recuperate from an injury he received while on a mission. It was clear that Genna’s feelings for Brody had not faded if anything it had intensified. She was intent on doing what it takes to win him over, even if it meant going against her parents’ wishes and putting her good girl persona behind her. Will she succeed now where she failed ten years ago? 

Brody tried being indifferent in feelings towards Genna by keeping her at a distance every chance he got. He uses his past and what had happened to him on his last mission as an emotional crutch and as an excuse not to get close to Genna. Will he be able to overcome the obstacles of his past and take a chance on love? 

The plot, although not original, was well written and developed. The characters were also well developed and this brought a certain flavour to the story which contributed to it being a worthwhile read. The story flowed and it does not leave readers with any unanswered questions and it was quite funny, sexy and entertaining.

If you are looking for a sweet romantic read and you love a man in uniform then you need to get yourself a copy of A Seal's Salavation.


I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a honest review.


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