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Haunted . . . hunted . . . and now a vicious serial killer targets the woman he loves. 

NYPD homicide detective Tyee Crow is forced to stand by as the main suspect in a string of gruesome serial murders is released on a technicality. Infuriated at having his hands tied by the system, he argues with his captain and is removed from the case. Ty resigns and leaves the state—and his past—behind him, his only goal to find a new life well away from New York. 

But the ghosts of the murdered victims won’t let him walk away, and neither will the killer. Ty calls the killer Skinwalker, even though the crimes have little to do with the Navajo legend, which describes a shaman of great power who has turned to evil. But Ty is about to learn that every legend starts with a grain of truth. When Ty suffers terrifying hallucinations of the murdered victims and strange occurrences start happening in his apartment, he questions his disbelief in the supernatural. Fearing for his own sanity, he seeks the help of a respected paranormal researcher, Dr. Beth Givens. 

College professor Beth Givens does not fear ghosts or the supernatural, but she knows firsthand the damage a living person can do. She’s sworn off investigating—and relationships—preferring the safety and comfort of the classroom. When the handsome detective pushes her to investigate his haunting, she wants nothing to do with the case, no matter how attractive he is. But as she learns the details of the murders and realizes how desperately Ty needs her help, she finally agrees to investigate the haunting and discovers far more than she is prepared for. 

Drawn to each other despite their better judgment, Ty and Beth’s relationship soon crosses the line from professional to personal. But neither realizes the danger they are in until it’s too late. 

When the murderer strikes again, Ty and Beth must fight to stay one step ahead of a madman who now hunts those Ty holds most dear while the ghosts who haunt his waking nightmares won't rest until Ty gives them justice. But how can he protect the one who means the most to him against a killer who will stop at nothing to see him destroyed?

I was first introduced to this author’s work when I read her Vows of the Heart series. (See my reviews for Sworn to Love and Sworn to Protect)  This is a series I thoroughly enjoyed. I have read other books written by her since then and she never disappoints.  Based on this I was happy to receive an ARC of Haunted Heart.  Haunted Heart is a re-write of Ms. Loch’s Whisper to a Scream  See my review for Whisper to a Scream) with a few modifications.  The changes, although minor, has propelled this book to a five star rating.

Ty Crow is a New York City police detective who is on the hunt for a serial killer. The case has everyone baffled.  Although Ty knew who the killer was he was unable to catch him. He was always one step ahead of the police.  Due to the political bureaucracy surrounding the case, which prevented him from conducting his investigations efficiently, he resigned from the police force.  He relocated to Williamsburg and left everything behind.  However, the past has a funny way of catching up with you. This is what happened to Ty. He found himself being literally haunted by victims of the serial killer.  In order to find out the meaning behind these occurrences he sought the help of Dr. Elizabeth Givens.

Dr. Givens is a psychologist who specializes in paranormal and parapsychology studies. Being an expert in her field, Ty thought she would be the best person to explain what’s happening to him and the course of action to take.  She, however, did not want to be a part of it as she had given up working in the field for some years now. Ty on the other hand is determined to get her assistance and would do anything to persuade even if it meant joining her class.

It is evident that the serial killer is obsessed with Ty so much so that when Ty relocated he followed him and was quick to make his presence known.   Initially, it was difficult to determine the reason for his obsession, however, as the story progresses it became clear.

This is a story that is filled with intrigue, suspense, drama, romance and mystery. It has the right balance of all these ingredients to make for an exciting read.  If you are into the ghost hunting phenomena, then you will love this book even more.

Ty and Beth are about to face their biggest challenge ever.  During this time they will both go through a period of self-discovery. There is a lot to this story, but I can’t say too much without ruining the surprises it has to offer.

Haunted Heart will pull you in completely, keeping you on the edge of your seat. You will not want to stop reading as you will be keen to discover what is coming next.  The story is well paced and the writing is amazing. I loved everything about this book. The ending was nicely wrapped up. It does not leave the reader with any questions.

This is a great story by a talented author whose work I enjoy and it’s for that reason why she is on my list of must read authors.

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