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Trust Release Blitz

Where does the truth begin and the deception end? Title: Trust Author: Becca Lee Genre: Romantic Suspense with a Hint of Sexy Mafia Men! Release Date: Expected August 2015

Editor:Hot Tree Editing

Cover Artist: Louisa @ LM Creations

 $1.99 SALE 

To be abandoned is one thing. To have your heart ripped out while you are left broken on the cold, tiled floor is another. 
Jessie is no stranger to loss, but when trust is broken and leaves a gaping hole of uncertainty, she no longer knows where deception ends and the truth begins. Caught up in a web of lies, Jessie needs to find out who she can trust, and fast.
When she is faced with an uncertain future and discovers she may not be who she thinks she is, never before has trust been more important.



Cyber Monday Extravaganza

Welcome to the first annual Cyber Monday Extravaganza!

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Bluestone Homecoming 

(Welcome to Bluestone Series, #1)

by M.J. Fredrick


War correspondent Leo Ericson returns to his hometown of Bluestone Lake, Minnesota, when his parents notify him his young son is having trouble fitting in at school. Leo doesn’t know how to be a single parent since the death of his wife, and he certainly has no desire to return to Bluestone. But he needs a place for his son, a place where he’ll be with family, while Leo does his job. He’ll stay long enough to get Max settled, then go back to work.

School counselor Trinity Madison watches Leo struggle with his son, trying to overcome the mental barricade she’s erected against the man who sent his son away when he’s perfectly capable of caring for the child. The situati…