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November 20, 2015


Historical Erotica


Evil is found when evil is sought.

“For when those in authority neglect to reprove sin, then very

often the good are punished with the wicked.” – Heinrick Kramer, 1486, The

Malleus Maleficarum  

For yielding to the proud tears of an accused witch, The

Watchman’s soul may have been blackened by evil. To prove himself unmarked, his

body free of the witch’s branding, he must stand naked before all and submit to

the governor’s thorough and shameful examination.

Though Giles Scott would resist the governor’s practiced and

patient touch, only complete abandon might prove his innocence. And since the

witch cannot feel, only Giles’ arousal can spare his neck from the noose. And

so, he surrenders.

Yet screams from another chamber – perhaps pained, perhaps

pleasured – awaken memories from Giles’ dark, torturous past, and the

governor’s touch no longer teases but stings…much like the punishing bite of a

whip against the flesh of THE

From the Author:

THE WATCHMAN, Book 3 in the Immoral

Virtue Trilogy is a dark erotic twist of an already twisted period in American

History, the Salem witch trials. Due to its explicit sexual nature, with forced

consent, M/m, M/f/f and other BDSM concepts, THE WATCHMAN is intended for
audiences 18 and over.

Excerpt –
THE WATCHMAN (Immoral Virtue, #3)

Jameson took in the sight before him, of Giles and Elizabeth, gazing at each other. Their voices, hushed. Low murmurs, only. ’Twas the tone of lovers, each speaking for no one but the other. The sound, the sight, intimate. As though they—bound, naked, and accused—had no cares beyond these walls.
He closed the chamber door behind him and they turned. All sense of peace dissolved as though he, Jameson himself, brought darkness to them.
Perhaps he did, for their fate rested upon his decree. Though he loathed to declare Elizabeth marked by the beast, he had no proof to the opposite. Neither proof nor hint beyond Giles’ word.
Elizabeth studied him now. The fire in those green eyes of hers darker, subdued. Either resigned was she, or unaware of her fate, while the unease in Giles’ eyes told how well he knew.
“Dawn nears,” Jameson said, painfully aware how little time remained. “And with it, judgment.”

He went to Giles. An innocent wronged. Jameson would take these precious few moments to help his friend as he had vowed. To rouse him. To show him he was the man he thought he was not, yet Jameson knew him to be. He had but this time, for no other would present Giles so bare, so vulnerable…nor would it present the proximity of the woman who roused his needs. This woman, condemned. 
Jameson stood eye-to-eye before his friend and pressed a hand flat to Giles’ chest. He felt the heat of him. The hard steady pounding within, the scratch of light coarse hairs against his palm.
“I shall keep my vow to you now, my friend,” he said to Giles, “and prove you are as able as any man, no matter the tortures of the past.”
Jameson resisted the urge to look at her again. “She has determined her own fate,” he said, wishing it could be another way.
The pounding grew fierce beneath his hand.
A muscle worked in Giles’ clenched jaw. His voice came thick and low. “I would take her from this place…”
“You would be hunted,” Jameson said. “And you would be found.” With care and deliberate ease, he stroked his hand up over Giles’ chest to this throat. He gripped it lightly, lifted Giles’ chin, and held his gaze. “And others, accused, would stand with no watchman to protect them...nor with a governor, such as I, for it would be said I aided in your escape.” He shook his head slowly and took a step closer, until no space existed between them. “That I cannot allow.” Nor would he permit.
Giles made to speak and Jameson gripped tighter, accepting no argument, no resistance, remaining so until satisfied none would come. Then he unlocked the shackle at Giles’ wrist.
“You do not bear the devil’s mark,” he said and led Giles toward the large table. He took the oil from the pouch on his hip and set it on the wooden surface. “Yet you bear others.” He stroked his hand over the scars at Giles’ back. “These are marks I cannot take from your flesh,” he said, “but wish to purge from your mind.”
He stood beside Giles, whose gaze strayed toward Elizabeth. And then Jameson glanced her way himself.
In silence, she and Giles looked at each other. Secret thoughts exchanged.
“She rouses you,” Jameson said, then poured several drops of oil into his hand. “Your body…and heart?” His hand slick, he reached between Giles’ legs and cupped his soft sac, held it loosely, waiting for Giles to release the sudden breath he drew.
It hissed from him and he drew another, slowly. “As no other before,” he said on the release of that breath, his gaze never leaving Elizabeth’s.

The strength of Giles, poised and controlled, the power of his arms, his legs—all thick with muscles solid and defined—was a potent sight. Stirring in its might though contrary to the pain Jameson now knew lay within him. Pain that kept his cock from waking even at this moment, as Jameson gripped it in his oiled hand, stroked gently, slowly, completely from its soft base to its wanting tip. Even as a red-haired, green-eyed beauty stood naked just feet away, gazing upon him.
Though perhaps her gaze proved too much to endure.
Jameson turned Giles toward the table and pressed a hand to his back. He felt each tense ripple of muscle as he urged Giles forward over it until he rested with his chest to the wood.


readers are saying…

“Fifty Shades-meets-Shakespeare in this eloquent, erotic tale.”

– Debra Druzy, Contemporary Romance Author

“A well-crafted, wickedly erotic romp through witch trial hysteria. Arla Dahl
will whet your appetite for more.”  –- Candy Caine, author of contemporary
interracial erotica

“The Watchman was so hot and satisfying, the perfect conclusion to this
trilogy.”  – Chloe and Sabine’s Smart Mouth Smut

“Erotic and immensely satisfying.” — D.B.Shuster, author of the Neurotica

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“The Mark (Immoral Virtue)”
Be this a witch?

In 1600’s New England, it was decreed thus:

“Whoever lies with the beast will bear a mark that is insensible and in their

most secret parts, and may be located only through diligent and careful


Accused of witchcraft, Abigail Prescott must strip for the

masses and submit to the Governor’s inspection. She is ill-prepared for this

shameful, grueling probe as it permits him to see and test her every inch and

every hollow.

Governor Jameson Foster has examined many before, but Abigail

enchants him like no other. Before he succumbs to her sweet charms, he must

uncover the dark truth of this bewitching.

Should she feel his prodding and respond to his touch, her

innocence will be proven. And this night he will claim her. Should she resist,

fail to cry out in pain or in pleasure, then all will know she is a witch who

bears The Mark.

“I defy you not to squirm and moan right along with Abigail as

you read The Mark. Rejoice, erotic-fiction fans. Arla Dahl has arrived!”

–best-selling author, Pam McKenna

From the Author:

THE MARK, Book 1 in the Immoral Virtue Trilogy is a highly erotic,

non-romantic tale of sexual awakening and abandon, of the duty to submit vs.
the desire to resist. Due to its explicit sexual nature, with elements of BDSM
and dubious consent, THE MARK is intended for audiences 18 and over.
Goodreads          Amazon

“The Accused (Immoral Virtue
Book 2)”
There is no shame in pleasure.

“Wherefore for the sake of fulfilling their lusts (women)

consort even with devils.” -Heinrich Kramer, 1486 “Malleus Maleficarum” (The

Hammer of Witches)

To clear their names and save their souls the accused are

stripped and bound before all as they await their governor’s examination.

At the governor’s direction, Abigail Prescott, herself accused

as a witch a mere hour past, will help test the women’s responses, for a witch

marked by the devil cannot feel, no matter how gently caressed, no matter how

deeply probed. Under the governor’s scrutiny Abigail is to thoroughly examine
their naked flesh for the black mark of the beast.

But the prideful Elizabeth Hobbs withdraws consent. And her fate

is sealed. Taken deep into the forest by the watchman, she will remain naked

and open to the elements to await her punishment.

Stirred by her proud tears, the watchman touches her. Soothes

her. But when a man succumbs to a witch’s charms, he too stands among THE ACCUSED.

“Explosively erotic with unexpected twists and surprises that

keep the pages turning.” – 2013 RITA Finalist, Pamela Hearon

From the Author:

THE ACCUSED, Book 2 in the Immoral Virtue Trilogy continues the highly

erotic, non-romantic, tale of resistance and of submission. Due to its explicit
sexual nature, with elements of BDSM and dubious consent, THE ACCUSED is intended for audiences 18 and over.
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About the Author

Arla Dahl is a lover and avid reader of all things sexy and

suspenseful. She gets her inspiration from daily headlines, and is often

surprised by how today’s issues mirror those from the distant past. 

When Arla’s

muse goes stealth, she spends her time trying recipes from exotic locales, with

rich flavors and provocative scents that tempt and tease and satisfy.

A New Yorker, born and bred, Arla is forever fascinated by the

varied cultures of her city. Beyond the rich diversity, the close and heady

feel of a moody late night jazz club is her favorite part of living in the Big


In her current work, the Immoral Virtue trilogy, which is set

during the witch hysteria of the 17th Century, Arla twists an already twisted

history into a daring erotic work of passion and pleasure.

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