Saturday, May 20, 2017

COYER Summer 2017 Sign-up

COYER summer - (un)Conventional Bookviews

Hey guys, its that time of year when you have the chance to Clean Out Your E-Reader with the COYER summer reading challenge hosted by Michelle @ Because Reading is Better than Real Life, Stormi @ Books, Movies, Reviews! Oh My! and Berls @ Fantasy is More Fun

The official sign up post can be found here COYER.

For this challenge, we have two options to choose from. The first option is normal COYER with no rules. You are allowed to read all the books you want regardless of the source as long at it was acquired legally.

The second option is the Summer Reading List Challengewhere we need to make a list of books we want to read this summer. A read-a-thon is associated with this option. The rules are noted on the COYER website.

I will be choosing the first option, not sure how many books I will be reading. I am just going to run with the flow.

 Anyone can join this fun challenge and have the chance to meet new readers and bloggers. 
There’s a Facebook group where participants can join for the daily fun happenings,  Also there is opportunities to participate in Twitter parties and an Instagram challenge.

Looking to have fun, make new friends and get awesome book recommendations then join us for COYER.


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