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AUDIO BOOK REVIEW: GOOD BONES by L.A Kelley @AuthorLAKelley Narrated by Ruth Redman @ruthredman12 #Mystery #Paranormal k

Title: Good Bones
Author: L A Kelly
Narrator: Ruth Redman
Publisher:   The Wild Rose Press
Source: AudioBook Boom
Format: Audio Book
Release Date: March 12, 2018
Length : 8 hrs 53 mins
Purchase:  AudibleAmazon

This is my first time reading L.A. Kelly’s work and I can say I had no regrets choosing to read/listen to Good Bones.

From the moment, I began the book I knew this would be a story I would enjoy. The story pulled me in and I could not get enough. With eager anticipation, I went through the story, as I had to know the villain’s identity.

Humour, suspense, mystery, romance and paranormal elements permeated this story making for an exciting, funny and sweet read/listen.

I enjoyed spending time with the characters. My favourite being Whiskers the physic cat. Yep, you read right, a physic cat.

The partnership between the main characters Katherine and Jake drove the momentum of the story.  I thought they were great to together personally and professionally. Relating to them proved easy. Katherine was new in town, trying to settle in her new job and trying to navigate her way through all Sandy Shoals had to offer.

Jake, currently on desk duty due to a work-related shooting. He shoulders guilt for this shooting and another incident from college.  Imperfections and insecurities were part of their lives but they never allowed it to control them.

I love it when a mystery keeps you guessing until the end. Well Good Bones had me guessing the villain’s identity until the 60% mark. By this time, the story had me on the edge of my seat and I was curious to know what was going to happen next.  There were other events, which piqued my curiosity metre. Who was the ghost in the mirror, and what was her reason for seeking Katherine’s help in bringing a murderer to justice? I got my answers, and I loved how everything came together. Well almost everything. The motive for the killings were not established. Yeah, mental issues was a contributing factor, but it would have been good to know the triggers.

The narrator, Ruth Redman, did a good job. She did a good job with the voices of all the characters.  Her pacing and tone were good which kept me hooked from start to finish. She made it easy to differentiate between each character as her male and female voices were distinct.  It was an easy listen and her voice helped to enhance the story.

If you love cozy mysteries that are humorous, fun and features paranormal elements, then Good Bones would be the perfect read.



Overall Rating

Good Bones
No matter how challenging the case, psychologist Katherine Fleming never shirks from helping a patient confront a painful issue. Her keen powers of observation and compassionate nature have eased many troubled souls, but a homicide detective with a buried secret of his own stirs more than just clinical interest.

The first time Detective Jake Sumner spied the old house, he sensed the good bones. Little did he know the purchase of the property included an unusual tenant far from resting in peace. 

Can the new psychologist in town help him treat a ghostly trauma case or is his growing attraction to Katherine Fleming best left buried? 

With the help of a mysterious white cat and a mystic mirror, Katherine and Jake join forces to solve a murder. Can they stop a killer from claiming the next victim or will their investigation only lead them six feet under? 

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